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Yantai Tedfoods Co.,LTD located in the beautiful scenery of the Yellow Sea, in the old times of Shandong Peninsula, rooted in the High-Tech District, Yantai,China food processing enterprises. Palit food companies rely on the collective wisdom and tireless efforts of all staff, after fourteen years of suffering and struggle...
Ted food is located in the High-Tech District, Yantai,China, located in Yantai University, China Agricultural University, East first. After all the staff fourteen years of hard work,rely on raw material procurement, production, processing, quality control, marketing and other aspects of every little bit of hard work ahead, developed into a business with a certain scale, more quality control procedures and rationalizing the good market reputation of export-oriented aquaculture enterprises. 2004 completed the construction of the new plant, in February 2005 the company began a new era of development.

Ted food company covers an area of ​​103 acres, office dormitory 9,000 square meters, 1,900 square meters of workshop 4, cold storage capacity of 10,000 tons. Production and processing plant and the main and auxiliary equipment in accordance with international standards for food processing settings, hardware construction as the future development of enterprises laid a good foundation.
In recent years, the company mainly engaged in varieties of squid seafood production and processing, a year from Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and other places more than 10,000 tons of imported raw materials, 30,000 tons of domestic raw materials, the products are sold to Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Britain, Japan, Hong Kong and other 35 countries and regions, the annual exports of $ 65 million and close to 100 million domestic sales amount. In the joint efforts of all staff, the company has formed a stable and smooth channels of purchases and sales channels, production and processing of scale achieved steadily improving, has developed into a collection of raw materials procurement, production, processing, export trade enterprises to train , has won praise from customers and the community.

Sincere management, dare to compete, the pursuit of excellence and innovation are the advantages and characteristics of Ted company; "to Germany led to love moving to system constraints, to regulate the management" is Ted company adhere to humane management philosophy. Ted employees are the most valuable source of wealth.
Ted  values ​​of the company to employees is "people-oriented, cohesion condensate heart, create value, the material shared." Ted grasping both production and management company, and more focus on staff training and education, so that employees work hard, hard work, to give the corresponding remuneration; while allowing employees increase their abilities to improve their knowledge, learn how to get the rules and reason, in Ted company achieved the greatest value in life.

General business, tenacious fighting, contributing to society, enriching enterprises, both Ted's goal is Ted company "from the society, social services, social returns" fully reflects the values​​. The company will continue to introduce new equipment, new product development and sales promotion, and make unremitting efforts. Companies eagerly look forward to the community insight and individuals to join this team to come Palit company, we share common goals, work together, work together to foster efficient enterprises, achievements of a century Ted.

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